Market Survey & Research

Market Survey & Research

Here are the types of marketing research surveys that we have put together to help you decipher what type of survey you need to carry out.

1 – Market Investigation Surveys

What is the size and market share of the current market? Discover vital information about the growth of your market and where you stand against the competition

2 – Market & Customer Profiling Surveys

Find out who your customers are…and also who NOT your customers are. Why are some people not customers of your service or product?

3 –Purchasing Tracking Surveys

Find out more information about customers at various stages of the purchasing process and what is their opinions and experiences so far? With this information you can also find out if and when the customer may re-purchase your product or service.

4 – Customer Motivation Surveys

What makes a customer go from hearing about a product or service, to being interested? And then, most importantly, what makes them go from being interested to actually purchasing? Customer motivation to move from interest in the product to actual purchase. Customer motivations is key to understanding customer purchases and loyalty.

5 – Customer Expectations (& Attitudes) Surveys

Does your product or service meet your customer expectations? How do the attitudes formed by your customer about your product, service or company as a whole enable you to improve advertising, customer purchases and loyalty?

6 – Customer Retention Surveys

Explore the extent of consumer attitudes about your product, service or company. This is particularly poignant for any higher priced consumer goods or specialized service which required a lengthy decision and purchasing process.

7 – New Product Concept Analysis Surveys

Gather screening opinions and attitudes towards new product concepts. Discover potential consumers preferences, dislikes and chances or making a purchase if the concept was to take form.

8 – New Product Demand Surveys

Calculate approximately how much demand there is for new products or services.

9 – Habits and Uses Surveys

Understanding usage situations, including how, when, where and why the product is used.

10 – Product Fulfillment Surveys

Are expectations produced by advertising, packaging, and product appearance fulfilled?