Liaison & Public Relations

Liaison and public relations

Regulatory Approvals, Licences and Liaison with Government Authorities
RUBRIX SOLUTIONS has expertise in liaising with the Government Bodies, Regulatory Authorities, Foreign Investment Promotion Board, Revenue departments, Labour Offices, Reserve Bank etc to obtain licenses and approvals required to establish and commence businesses.
RUBRIX SOLUTIONS Provides its Clients:

  •  All approvals and registrations from the Registrar of Companies
  •  All approvals and Licenses required from the Reserve Bank of India, Securities Exchange Board of India etc
  •  All Approvals from Department of Telecommunications and other departments coming under the Government of India.
  •  All Approvals from Foreign Investment Promotion Board, Director General of Foreign Trade etc
  •  All approvals from National Biodiversity Authority, Plant Variety Protection and Farmer’s Rights Authority, Department of Biotechnology
  •  All Approvals required under the Labour Laws
  •  All Approvals and Licenses from the Local Bodies